Balancing the Benefit and the Burden of Wealth

So much for that old saw that money can’t buy happiness. A new survey of people who have built significant wealth on their own found that money has actually bought them a lot of happiness.

Financial Advisors Face More Volatile Environment, but Startled Clients May Be the Biggest Challenge, Natixis Survey Finds

After a banner year in the markets, volatility is now creating a tumultuous environment in which investors can make costly mistakes. Financial professionals are exposed to numerous risks to their investment performance in 2018, from growing geopolitical uncertainty to rising interest rates to inflation, however managing the emotional reactions of clients could be their greatest challenge, according to research released by Natixis Investment Managers.

Advisers See Investor Reaction to Market Volatility as a Challenge

Besides providing investment advice, 88% of advisers think they need to guide clients through emotional decisions.

Yielding Toward A Curveball?

They say a year is a long time in politics. And it sometimes seems a day is a long time in financial markets. That being so, the last time the …

Professional Fund Buyers Anticipated the Return of Volatility, but Disagree on Portfolio Implications, Finds Natixis Investment Managers Survey

While some investors may have been surprised by turbulent markets at the start of 2018, professional fund buyers have been expecting a spike in volatility. Natixis Investment Managers recently surveyed 200 professional fund buyers who are responsible for selecting the funds included on private bank, insurance, fund of funds, and other retail platforms, and most (eight in ten or 78%) said they had been surprised that volatility had remained so low for so long.