Professional Fund Buyers Anticipated the Return of Volatility, but Disagree on Portfolio Implications, Finds Natixis Investment Managers Survey

While some investors may have been surprised by turbulent markets at the start of 2018, professional fund buyers have been expecting a spike in volatility. Natixis Investment Managers recently surveyed 200 professional fund buyers who are responsible for selecting the funds included on private bank, insurance, fund of funds, and other retail platforms, and most (eight in ten or 78%) said they had been surprised that volatility had remained so low for so long.

Who topped Lifetime Isa sales in 2017?

More than 90,000 people have taken out a cash Lifetime Isa at Skipton Building Society since the product’s launch one year ago, making Skipton the most popular provider to offer the wrapper.

No Country For Old Men: India Ranks Last Out Of 43 Countries In Global Retirement Index

India ranks 43rd in this year’s GRI out of 43 countries and has the same score compared to last year. Its sub-indices all rank in bottom five

The Other Side Of The (Bit)Coin

When it comes to cryptocurrency, the consensus is anything but clear — for some it is the medium of exchange for the future and for others a disaster waiting to happen.

The Global Face Of Retirement

With the demographic time bomb ticking away, retirement security has become one of the most pressing social issues facing the world over the next 30 years.