Côte D’Acceptance

Doyens of the asset management industry gathered last week in Monaco to openly discuss the road ahead for the industry.

Return to Normal

The numbers of wealthy individuals in the US has finally rebounded – two-thirds of a decade since the financial crisis.

Slice of Pie

Life used to be simple for asset managers, well simpler at least!

Party On

People have been calling the end of the bond bull market for most of 2013 and with equities performing strongly at the start of this year you can understand why talk of the Great Rotation has gathered speed.

Old Glories

The US has never been a happy hunting ground for UK retail investors as it has traditionally been an area of the market where few managers have consistently outperformed.

Squeaky Bum Time

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson coined the phrase “squeaky bum time” and the UK economy is in the midst of it. In a week when Ferguson’s team celebrated their …

Tesla New Finance

Tesla Motors in the USA announced on Tuesday a new finance product in partnership with Wells Fargo and US Bank, which has revolutionised automotive financing. The new financing is in …

Re-examining Alpha

The definitions of alpha and beta in the world of institutional investment are becoming more fluid as pension funds take a lens to their historical ‘alpha’ investments and begin to …

Change Failure

“Seventy per cent of change programs fail.” This famous and often quoted percentage of the failure rate for change programs originated back in the early 1990s in two Harvard Business …

Facebook Blunder

Pension funds should be staid and steady institutions making sound choices that set long-term trends for other investors – so what are they doing investing in Facebook? Recent news of …

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