Red October

October stands out in stock market history owing to the fact that several large market crashes have occurred during the month. And true to form, the month of October 2018 provided us with a new entry to the stock market lexicon: Red October.

Politics & Investment

The world has been run by politicians, in some form or other, since the beginning of time but as the days wear on, a few harsh realities continue to come …

Oppenheimer Funds Announces New Multi-Generational High-Net-Worth Research Report: “The Generations Project”

Oppenheimer Funds, a leading global asset manager, today announced the release of a new study titled “The Generations Project,” which examines the ways in which multi-generational high-net-worth (HNW) individuals think about investing and their relationships with wealth advisors. Art Steinmetz, CEO of OppenheimerFunds, said, “For nearly six decades, we have been listening to and learning from our clients. Our research continues to uncover new insights that we are using and sharing with advisors to help strengthen their practices and better meet their clients’ goals.”

Do Investors and Advisors Have a Failure to Communicate?

A study commissioned by OppenheimerFunds looked at how generations view investments and advisors, and the findings were surprising.

How the rich really feel about their wealth

The pursuit of wealth may be materialistic, but for high-net-worth Americans, it’s also emotional.