You say Fiduciary, I say Suitability

The requirement for advisors to better understand the needs and objectives of clients is a core pillar of the US regulatory environment – yet it is now increasingly important for clients themselves to have a firm grasp of the rules under which advisors operate and the different models available.

A Bag of Surprises

With China making a decent attempt to derail global markets straight out of the starting blocks into 2016, the US investment community faces a bumpy year of uncertainty despite the country’s sound economic fundamentals relative to its peers.

Long-Term Retirement Goals Lose Out To Short-Term Financial Pressures, Finds Natixis Retirement Savings Study

American workers say the biggest risk to their retirement security is failing to save enough money. Yet 60 percent set aside less than 7.5 percent of their income for retirement and nearly four in 10 have tapped into their retirement accounts, largely to meet other financial goals, according to a survey released today by Natixis Global Asset Management.

Why Millennials Are Better at Retirement Than You Are

Millennials have a rep for being slow to embrace adulthood.

Your Grandchildren Will Save More For Retirement Than You

Young adults in the U.S. may be getting the message that saving for retirement is on their shoulders — they’re starting to put aside money for retirement years earlier than previous generations. That’s the good news. But when it comes to retirement saving in the U.S., there’s still plenty to worry about, too.