The Global Face Of Retirement

With the demographic time bomb ticking away, retirement security has become one of the most pressing social issues facing the world over the next 30 years.

The Gig Economy

The rise of the gig economy is attracting headlines in the US and beyond. But providing gig workers with the benefits awarded to full-time employees is becoming an increasing concern for policymakers.

Demographic Retirement Bomb

The dangers posed by ageing populations rank alongside climate change as one of the gravest challenges facing humankind. And the impact of the demographic time bomb will hit retirees especially hard.

You say Fiduciary, I say Suitability

The requirement for advisors to better understand the needs and objectives of clients is a core pillar of the US regulatory environment – yet it is now increasingly important for clients themselves to have a firm grasp of the rules under which advisors operate and the different models available.

A Bag of Surprises

With China making a decent attempt to derail global markets straight out of the starting blocks into 2016, the US investment community faces a bumpy year of uncertainty despite the country’s sound economic fundamentals relative to its peers.

Back to Basics

The re-emerging need for proactive asset manager acumen and skill – stock, sector, and thematic selection – is one of the silver linings of this week’s global stock market route.

Hearing Voices

The industry turned out in droves this week to front the Department of Labor’s hearing regarding the introduction of a fiduciary standard in the US.