Fairy Tale Economics

While the so-called Goldilocks economy is unlikely to run out of steam this year, the presence of three bears lurking menacingly in the background mean it is just a question of time as to when the economic fairy tale comes to an end.

Bumbling Along

Optimists have a tendency to hail the notion of boundlessness as well as the absence of limits. Unfortunately in reality, constraints and limits do exist – sometimes this is good and other times less so.

Bacon and Piglets?

A happy family and a career – can you really have it all? We’re always trying to find the correct mix when it comes to work and family but what is the right balance?

Slice of Pie

Life used to be simple for asset managers, well simpler at least!

Change Failure

“Seventy per cent of change programs fail.” This famous and often quoted percentage of the failure rate for change programs originated back in the early 1990s in two Harvard Business …

White Noise

About four years ago, CoreData and the good people at Google were working on the idea that the behaviour, comments, and ideas circulating the internet were a pretty interesting proxy …

Debt Iceberg

The Bank of America (BofA) has signalled tough times ahead with at least one credit downgrade in late November or early December. A BofA analyst notes: “We expect a moderate …

Media Minefield

Social media may be considered the new frontier in reaching prospective clients but recent regulations in the US suggest a potential regulatory minefield for financial advisers that may not have …

Lipstick Index

Leonard Lauder, chairman of the board of Estee Lauder, coined the term the lipstick index to explain the increased sales of cosmetics during the early 2000’s recession. Lauder’s claim was …

Juggling Act

For anyone interested in economics, these are interesting and unusual times. The UK economy remains very weak, judging by the barely perceptible growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2009. …

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