Yielding Toward A Curveball?

They say a year is a long time in politics. And it sometimes seems a day is a long time in financial markets. That being so, the last time the …

You say Fiduciary, I say Suitability

The requirement for advisors to better understand the needs and objectives of clients is a core pillar of the US regulatory environment – yet it is now increasingly important for clients themselves to have a firm grasp of the rules under which advisors operate and the different models available.

Back to Basics

The re-emerging need for proactive asset manager acumen and skill – stock, sector, and thematic selection – is one of the silver linings of this week’s global stock market route.

Hearing Voices

The industry turned out in droves this week to front the Department of Labor’s hearing regarding the introduction of a fiduciary standard in the US.

Change & Disruption

The global asset management is on the cusp of fundamental change and the industry is grappling with four big change drivers as companies try to position for the future.

Party On

People have been calling the end of the bond bull market for most of 2013 and with equities performing strongly at the start of this year you can understand why talk of the Great Rotation has gathered speed.

Re-examining Alpha

The definitions of alpha and beta in the world of institutional investment are becoming more fluid as pension funds take a lens to their historical ‘alpha’ investments and begin to …

Facebook Blunder

Pension funds should be staid and steady institutions making sound choices that set long-term trends for other investors – so what are they doing investing in Facebook? Recent news of …

Media Minefield

Social media may be considered the new frontier in reaching prospective clients but recent regulations in the US suggest a potential regulatory minefield for financial advisers that may not have …

Emerging Interest

French president Nicholas Sarkozy said: “Globalisation requires us to reinvent everything” and nowhere is this more relevant than in the world of financial services. Recent CoreData client meetings on the …

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