The Other Side Of The (Bit)Coin

When it comes to cryptocurrency, the consensus is anything but clear — for some it is the medium of exchange for the future and for others a disaster waiting to happen.

The Global Face Of Retirement

With the demographic time bomb ticking away, retirement security has become one of the most pressing social issues facing the world over the next 30 years.

Trump Tax Tips

We take a look at five ways in which President Trump’s proposed tax plan could affect the investment and retirement landscape.

Cyber Risk and Reward

The fight for data security appears endless, but do we need to accept cyber breaches and their consequences as an occupational hazard and a trade-off for the benefits that digital brings?

The Monetary Policy Toolbox

Does the Federal Reserve’s latest rate hike signal the beginning of the end of accommodative monetary policy?

The Outsourcing Offensive

The recent new that Harvard University’s endowment fund is to outsource more of its investment to external asset managers underscores the growing demand for expertise in the low return world.

All Is Not Wells

While the $185 million fine issued to Wells Fargo will not bankrupt the lender, the breakdown in compliance and ethics leaves the company morally bankrupt.

The Gig Economy

The rise of the gig economy is attracting headlines in the US and beyond. But providing gig workers with the benefits awarded to full-time employees is becoming an increasing concern for policymakers.

Bumbling Along

Optimists have a tendency to hail the notion of boundlessness as well as the absence of limits. Unfortunately in reality, constraints and limits do exist – sometimes this is good and other times less so.

Geiger Counter-Fear

There are two broad themes impacting investors globally at present; hysteresis and uncertainty. Arguably there is a third background theme of financial repression, but if we focus on the two main themes of hysteresis and uncertainty and deal with the latter first.

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